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"+3 1st Year classes will start from 21st August 2023"...

Brief History of Science College, Kankorada, Ganjam (SCK)

Science College, Kankorada, Ganjam is established in the year l98l adjacent to the famous Narayani temple is recognized by the Government of Odisha as an old Intermediate Science and Arts college vide G.O. No.41229 dated 24-11-1982 with a permission to take students from 1-6-1981 and affiliated to Berhampur University with similar status of Government concurrence vide Berhampur University (BU) letter No: 808 dated 27-1-1983. After successful of 3 years running, this college gains final Government concurrence as Intermediate College vide G.O. No 36881 dated l7-8-1988. In the meantime Government has implemented new education policy i.e., 10+2+3 in our state for which this college is permitted to continue +2 classes both for Science and Arts students vide Government concurrence letter No 9828 dated 21-2-1983 and this college achieves Government concurrence as a first Degree College (+3 classes in Arts stream) of Sanakhemundi Block vide G.O. No.55160 dated 30.12.1989 w.e.f 01.06.1989. After completing 12 successfully years this college received permanent Government concurrence for 01.06.2002 education session vide RDE letter No. 1989 dated 07.11.2002 and affiliated to Berhampur University (BU) with same status of the Government concurrence as Degree College. Four honors subject, English, Odia, mathematics and history are opened later in this college with the Government concurrence w.e.f.01.06.2006. This college comes to GIA fold from 01.06.1988 under 254 college category the state of Odisha and cadrisation by the Government of Odisha for which the teaching staffs are transferred to other colleges. This college is also included in UGC list and recognized as 2F, 12B college list to receive all kinds of aid from UGC. The science stream for the session 20l4-2015 is opened vide RDE, letter No. 3435 dated 14-08 -2014 and the same batch continued for three years as first year, second year and final year, however no further permission to continue science stream is allowed and the same file pending for permission from the Government. Education as a subject for degree students vide RDE letter No.2553 dated 16.06.2016 and Commerce stream for degree students vide RDE letter No. 4470 dated 06.08.2016 both are permitted. This remote rural college with a significant service in the educationally backward Sankhemundi Block has been imparting education where the strength of the girls student is more than the boys.

RDL No 4470 dated 06.08.2016 permission to open +3 Commerce with 64 seats from the session 2016-17 in self finance mode. DHEL No-2083 dated 12.01.2001 English-128, MIL-128, AC-128, TC-128, Oriya, Pol.Sc and Math-128 seats each 2000-2001. +3 Science permission to open RDL No-3435 dated 14.08.2014 (PCM & CBZ) with 64 seats for the session 2014-15. RDL No-3443 dated 14.08.2014 permission to open Economics Hon 16 & pass 32 seats for the session 2014-15. RDL No-2553 dated 16.06.2016 permission to open Education pass with 256 seats from the session 2016-17.