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Extra-Curricular Activities of the staffs

The staff members of the college are assigned with the Extra-Curricular activities of this college as per the details given below for the academic session of 2021-22.

1) Dr. P.Ch.Jena
2) Dr. S.K. Padhy
Anti Ragging Cell 3) Smt. A.R. Pattnaik
4) Dr. S.K. Sahu
5) Sri. A. Nayak

1) Sri U.K Patnaik
O.I.C Staff Common Room Associate 2) Dr. T. Sahoo

1) Sri M.K. Sahu
O.I.C College Statistics Associates 2) Sri A. Nayak
3) Dr. R. Behera

1) Dr. P. Ch. Jena
O.I.C Concurrence & Affiliation Associates 2) Sri L. Rath

1) Dr. P.Ch.Jena
Election Officer 2) Dr. S.K Padhy
3) Sri. S.K. Sahu

1) Dr. P.Ch.Jena
Advisor, Student's Union Associate 2) Dr. S.K Panda
3) Smt. P. Jena

1) Sri. S. Pradhan
2) Sri. H.S. Padhy
V.P. Athletic Association
Associate V.P.
3) Sri. M.K. Sahu
4) Smt. A.R. Pattanaik
5) Smt. Priyanka Jena

1) Sri.S.K. Panda
V.P. Dramatic Society
Associate V.P.
2) Sri. S.Pradhan
3) Dr. T. Sahoo

1) Dr. P.C. Jena
V.P. Odia Sahitya Samaj
Associate V.P.
2) Sri. S.Pradhan
3) Smt. B. Nayak

V.P. Commerce Association 1) Smt. A.R. Pattnaik

1) Dr. T. Sahoo
V.P. Science Society
Associate V.P.
2) Sri. D.K Swain
3) Smt. P.D. Patro

1) Sri. M.K Sahu
V.P. Boy's Common Room
Associate V.P.
2) Sri. B.K Sethi
3) Sri. S. Panda

1) Sri. S.K Panda
V.P. Day Scholars Association 2) Sri. S Pradhan
3) Sri. L. Rath

1) Dr. S.K Padhy
Alumni Association V.P 2) Dr. S.K Sahu (Secretary)
3) Dr. T. Sahoo (Treasurer)
4) Sri. S.K. Panda (Member)

O.I.C Health Centre 1) Dr. S.K Panda