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The Governing Body's primary function is to determine the College's general strategic direction and educational character, as well as to ensure its overall well-being and financial solvency. The Governors are specifically responsible for:
  1. Determining and monitoring the educational nature and mission of the College, as well as overseeing its activities.
  2. Publishing arrangements for soliciting staff and student feedback on the establishment's educational character and mission, as well as control of its actions.
  3. Approving the College's Quality Strategy.
  4. Ensuring that public funds are spent wisely and that the College remains financially sustainable.
  5. Approval of yearly income and expenditure forecasts.
  6. Appointment and determination of the compensation and terms of service of the College's Principal, other senior position holders, and Clerk.
  7. Establishing a foundation for all other employees' compensation and working conditions.

Members of Governing Body

Sl. No. Name Designation Details
1 Dr. Hari Krishna Nayak President Ex. Principal, Science college, Konkorada
2 Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena Secretary Principal, Science College, Konkorada
3 Dr. Santosh Kumar Padhy Member Reader in English, Science college, Konkorada
4 Dr. Sasmita Kumari Sahu Member Lecturer in English, Science college, Konkorada
5 Shri B. Dharama Rao Member Head Clerk, Science college, Konkorada
6 Shri Narasingha Panigrahy Member Brahmana Sahi, Konkorada
7 Shri Ajaya Kumar Dalai Member Bada Sahi, Kaudia
8 Smt. Lily Pradhan Member Main Road, Kaudia
9 Smt. Sujata Mahanty Member Dengadi, Ganjam
10 Smt. Nandini Pradhan Member Main Road, Kaudia