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Minority Cell is constituted for the purpose of empowering the students belonging to minority communities studying in the institution. The institution upholds the right of each student to education. The institution is keen on serving the educational and cultural needs of the students of minority communities along with the students belonging to varied caste, creed and religions. Minority Cell basically aims at facilitating the minority students to excel in academics and personality development.

Aims and Objectives
  1. To Inform minority students about state and federal subsidies.
  2. To provide equitable access to education for marginalized groups.
  3. To facilitate financial support for students belonging to minority communities.
  4. To motivate individuals to participate in career orientation programs.
  5. To inform minority students about various state and federal government scholarship schemes.
  6. To ensure protection and reservation as provided in the constitution of India.
  7. To ensure provision for a safe and secure environment for such students
Sl. No. Name Designation Status Contacts/Email
1 Sri. S. Pradhan Lecturer in Odia Convenor 91 7735 817757
2 Smt. A.R.Pattnaik Lecturer in Commerce Member 91 7978 638907
3 Sri Mitu Kumar Sahu Lecturer in Mathematics Member 91 9668 302364