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Women Empowerment and Gender Equality are the most important requirements for the upliftment and progress of our nation. In the effort of Science College, Konkorada a strong kernel of gender sensitization, the Women Cell (WC) was constituted in 2018 under the able convenor-ship of Smt S. K.Sahu. The Cell has both the faculty and students of the College as its members and works with an aim to create a gender sensitized community within campus as well as in the society. It has been organising varied academic, technical, medical, cultural and social events for the upliftment of women and spread the real importance of gender equality in the society through college students.

Students are encouraged to participate awareness campaigns that focus on gender issues. In keeping with the goal of women empowerment, the cell conducts self-defence programs for female students and operates a Grievance Cell for urgent and effective handling of any gender-related complaints.

It seeks to encourage female students to work towards their personal and social development. It also aims at helping students become more sensitive to issues of gender and treat each other with mutual respect and equality.

Aims and Objectives
  1. To aid in establishing an egalitarian society.
  2. To Assisting female students in leading balanced lives in which they avoid despair and aggression.
  3. To cemphasize the advancement of women in all spheres.
  4. To arrange events and activities aimed at empowering women.
  5. To foster an environment in which women can realize their utmost potential and perform at their highest level.
To shape and educate young individuals, fostering their development into well-rounded and improved individuals.

  1. To help female students become self-sufficient and financially independent.
  2. To give female students a good sense of self-worth and confidence so they can make the right choices in and for their lives.
  3. To enhance students' knowledge regarding the social, legal, and constitutional rights of women, with the aim of mitigating gender-based exploitation.
  4. To raise awareness among females regarding various forms of violence, including sexual, physical, and mental abuse, and to provide them with the necessary information and resilience to combat such acts.
  5. To Raising awareness about the importance of gender equality.
  6. To Overcoming prejudices based on gender bias and discrimination.
Sl. No. Name Designation Status Contacts/Email
1 Dr. Sasmita Kumari Sahu Lect. in English Convenor
2 Smt. Priyanka Jena Lect. in Pol.Sc Member
3 Smt.A.R. Pattanaik Lect. in Commerce Member